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  • Find out the latest tips and advice for renovating your house. 

  • Managing your reno budget and clever ways to source materials

    READY to hire in a crack builder, or swing a lump hammer at that internal partition? There’s a lot to consider if you want that final finish to be level with your dreams.  Here are my top tips to get it right without blowing the bank and liquidising your nerves. 1. Don’t set out to [...]

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    Ten tips before you start your renovation

    1. Take a holistic approach Before jumping into a renovation project, think about what you want to achieve. For example, rather than deciding you need new windows, think about the problem you need to solve. Do you want more light? More heat? Better garden access? You should think holistically, [...]

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    Advice for Bathroom Renos

    A bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house so it’s important to make sure it is designed and laid out well.   A while ago we wrote an article on the top 10 bathroom renovation tips to consider for your bathroom renovation plan.  As a result [...]

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    Smart Ways to Energy Proof Your Home

    Making your home more energy efficient should be worth the investment. If you own a three-bed semi-detached house, you could save yourself up to €2,800 a year in heating bills, depending on how poorly insulated and environmentally unfriendly your home is before you do the work, according to the[...]

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    Get organised when renovating your bathroom

    Bathrooms and en suites may be the smallest rooms in the house but to carry out a refurbishment involves almost every trade from carpenters, plumbers to tilers, painters and plasterers. And the key to getting it right is organisation. These small projects have a tendency to drag on, so to ensure the[...]

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